Wine bottle vases at Fresh Heirlooms

Find out how to "dress up" your glass vessels with sandblasted designs.

Workshops by Appointment

The following Fresh Heirlooms workshops are booked for small groups by appointment. Groups of 5 to 10 can email Fresh Heirlooms to reserve a workshop date and time. All workshops are held in our spacious Fresh Heirlooms facility in New Kensington and are perfect for relatives, coworkers, or girlfriend get-togethers.  Fresh Heirlooms provides refreshments; groups are welcome to BYOB or bring food items.

EARN YOUR WORKSHOP FOR FREE! Each workshop is priced per person (with a minimum of 5 participants). Gather 4 or more buddies to join you for a workshop appointment, and your tuition is waived!

Email today to reserve your preferred date and time. Weekend, evening, and daytime hours are available. Choose from the following workshop options:

Sandblast your Trash

Cost: $15 per person (adults only; 2 hours)

Learn to upcycle your bottles and jars using a sandblasting unit to create permanent, one-of-a-kind designs on glass. Raid your recycle bin, the recesses of your kitchen cupboards, and shelves of your local thrift-store for glassware to embellish. (Maximum 2 glass or mirror items per participant; size restrictions apply.) Additionally, participants will also see a live demonstration of Fresh Heirlooms’ method of turning old bottles into hand-cut drinking glasses.

Chalk of the Town

Cost: $45 per person (adults and/or teens only; two 2-hour sessions recommended)

Create a message center using a variety of materials, including custom-mixed chalkboard paints, scrap wood, and a wide variety of “odds ‘n’ ends.” All materials are provided as well as guidance in using hand tools such as drills, saws, sanders, and more.

Style -A- Tile
Cost: $15 per person (adults only; 2 hours)
This workshop has it all – not only will you put a leftover reclaimed tile to use but you will also wield a drill and a paintbrush as you learn to decorate and hang ceramic tile art. All materials as well as a brief introduction to painting skills like brush handling, color mixing, and composition are provided.

Fresh Heirlooms can create a custom workshop based on your group’s needs and interests. We have experience working with adults, children, families, seniors, and those with special needs. Uniquely for children, we offer a birthday party experience like no other. Email for information about booking a crafty and cool, personalized party for your child.

Email Lindsay with questions to book a workshop today!

More eco-friendly workshops and creative reuse eventsin Pittsburgh, PA and New Kensington will be posted throughout the year.  Subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date.

We also have programming for Pittsburgh-area youth, called Give Youth Tools, in which kids can learn to build things out of recycled materials, use tools, and have fun!

And if you’re not in greater Pittsburgh, we have DIY videos so you can learn to create your own heirlooms online!

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