Fresh Heirlooms transforms reclaimed materials into unique, eco-friendly furnishings and decorations for the spaces we live in.
Our creatively reused, repurposed, and recycled products make great green gifts!

Why Green Gifts and Creatively Reused Furniture?

Reason #1: 82% of people would rather have a photo album as a gift than a store-bought item. This means they’d rather have something that MEANS something and makes them feel special. Fresh Heirlooms can accommodate your special requests for custom projects, large and small.
Reason #2: Consumers prefer to purchase items that are manufactured under just conditions.
Fresh Heirlooms creates 50% of its merchandise in-store, while obtaining the rest from local and US artists or fair traders.
Reason #3: Transforming recycled items into creative home decor items, gifts, and furniture eliminates waste.
We strive to use 100% salvaged and recycled materials; new paints and finishes are always non-toxic and earth-friendly.