FRESH HEIRLOOMS was founded in 2007 in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh to retail creatively reused home furnishings.  Fresh Heirlooms enjoyed the community spirit of Lawrenceville, participating in numerous neighborhood events such as the annual Joy of Cookies Cookie Tour, the spring  Blossom Tour, the Artists’ Studio Tour, and the Hospitality House Tour.  Fresh Heirlooms also actively participated in Operation Weed & Seed initiatives, receiving funding to offer Give Youth Tools programming to neighborhood youth for three years.

Stuart in the window at Fresh Heirlooms, Butler Street
Stuart the cat now lives in New Kensington, but here he is resting in the showroom window at our former location on Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

In 2011, Fresh Heirlooms began the process of relocating to a spacious facility in New Kensington, PA, located just northeast of Pittsburgh.  The new building, formerly the home of G.C. Murphy, Co., will offer plenty of room for creative-reuse classes and workshops, special events, and expanded inventory.   

As always, Fresh Heirlooms continues to operate as a family-run small business happy to cater to the unique needs of our loyal customers, whether located in Pittsburgh, the surrounding areas, or beyond!