Handmade Arcade and Fresh HeirloomsDrinking glasses handmade from reclaimed juice bottles and sandblasted with a permanent designHandmade Arcade returns to Pittsburgh, and Fresh Heirlooms is honored to join over 100 independent crafters at this annual event.

Find Us: Saturday, April 16th, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm at the David L Lawrence Convention Center

What types of crafts are sold at Handmade Arcade?
All kinds of cool crafts! You’ll find innovative jewelry, scary and sweet stuffed creatures, knitted accessories, silk screened prints and tees, felted fashions, hand bound books, spun yarns, stationery, ‘zines, housewares and lots more.  Fresh Heirlooms is showing off its new collection of glassware created from reclaimed bottles and jars!

Look for:
Drinking glasses, vases, & candleholders . . .
- Odds & ends like candy dishes, pencil holders, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, & even pet food dishes . . .
- Repurposed vintage soda bottles, many of which were bottled locally . . .

. . .  all diverted from the energy-intensive recycling process!

And, of course, Grandma’s famous reclaimed fabric gift bags are FREE with purchase for Early Birds!